Friday, October 2, 2020

This week has been a busy week to get some things accomplished while the course was closed.  We solid tine the greens to create air/oxygen to get into the root zones.  This will help to create a healthy environment for healthy root growth and bentgrass greens.  We did a medium topdressing to the greens to fill solid tine channels and to incorporate sand into the thatch to dilute thatch and create better air space around the crown of the plant. 

Fairways were overseeded using rye grass at a rate of 300 lbs to the acre.  We did 30 acres on Monday.  
Seed should start to germinate over the next week and after approximately 14 days we hopefully can get a mower on it to start the management process for the rye grass for fall, winter and spring golf. 

Virlina Dryject was here on Tuesday to do the greens.  This process involves taking kiln dried sand 
and inject it into the greens profile.  We injected it to a depth of 2-3 inches.  Our main goal was to incorporate sand into the thatch area to help with firmness and infiltration.  We do testing on the greens profile every couple of years to see how the greens are aging.  The last test showed the greens profile below 1-2 inch depth are perfect.  The top 2 inches is where we need to continue to incorporate strategies to increase air and infiltration.  This is a common tread with golf greens since organic matter can accumulate faster than we can ever dilute all of it and still manage to play golf.  

Arborscapes was here on Thursday to remove all the ivy from the sycamore trees around the clubhouse 
and to prune the limbs that have become so over grown.  along with making the trees look better they also will have health benefits for this huge trees  

The crew from arborscapes used ropes to lift them up inside the tree canopy 
so they could do select the pruning 

Our crew worked on checking and correcting sand depths in the bunkers on Wednesday and 
Thursday of this week

Aeration Plus Landscaping from Powhatan was on site to help us do some landscape enhancements around the clubgrounds.