Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Winter work

Over the last two months the weather has been warm to allow the staff to get a head start on some projects and continue with tree removal to help the Bermuda grass have the best chance for growth.  With more cart traffic over the last few years and like always the transition from rye grass to Bermuda grass coverage in the fairways the Bermuda needs every advantage it can get to out compete the stress that comes with the transition and cart compaction.  

Below you can see the guys are checking, adding and correcting sand depths in the bunkers. last week they went through all the bunkers and cut out the areas that had grown in over the last 12 month so we would not loss the definition and contours  

During the last week of January I went to the Golf Industry Show in Orlando.  I was able to play some golf, meet with colleagues from other areas around the united states along with new vendors. Also took some classes to learn some new ideas along with gaining CEUs and went to the trade show on my final day to see some new tools and technology 

Tree removal has been a big project so far this winter.  We have taken down over 100 trees that have a negative impact to turf quality or hinder sight lines and playability of the golf hole. 
Here is hole #4 where we have taken down the tree on the right of the hole to shift the fairway over about 15 feet.  Seven trees on the right up by the green were also removed to make way for a shot to the green.  As you can clearly see in the picture over half the green is blocked by trees and tree limbs.  This hole has been an ongoing discussion for 12 years.  I have consulted with the USGA, Andrew Green our architect during renovation suggested this 10 years ago and several golf professionals.  With the turf getting worse on the left side of the hole because of trees and shade we were forced to cut the trees and provide a better landing area and more shot making abilities to the green.