Monday, December 30, 2019

The irrigation Contractors have started installing the lateral lines and installing the new irrigation heads.  The lateral lines are HDPE Piping. all the connections are fused together by heating and compressing the joints onto couplers or pipe ends.  This process is basically seamless

One of the lateral lines being plowed into the ground around 18 inches.  The lateral lines do not need to be trenched wish saves time, money and less seems from sod reestablishment. 

Here is a section of 8 inch HDPE pipe getting fused together at the road crossings at #1

Here is two sections of HDPE piping getting fused together in preparation to install at the bridge crossings

The first head being installed at hole #3

The irrigation contractors are doing a very neat job with the installation.

Here is the only disruptions that is left after the plow has pulled in the lateral lines.  A heavy 
asphalt roller is used to smooth these areas out. 

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