Thursday, October 17, 2019

We have been planning an irrigation renovation to the course for around 4 years now.  We hired on Paul Roche from Golf Water Irrigation. Paul is an irrigation consultant that has helped us prolong the life of the old system we had for a few extra years so we could plan for the new renovation.  
Paul has helped us with bid meeting, design of the new irrigation, competitive bidding with contractors along with answering a lot of question about the process, timing, cost and installation along, with helping us find the best contractor to do the work.  We have hired Nutt Irrigation from Tennessee. They are a national irrigation contractor doing work through out the United States. We are happy to have them during our install. I have downloaded some picture of the mainline getting installed. Our system is a hybrid between PVC mainlines and HDPE laterals

Here is one of the trenchers creating a ditch for the 8 inch mainline.  Plywood is laid down 
so the machine does very little damage and the dirt stays on the plywood.  This makes it easier to put back into the trench and allows for a cleaner job.

8 inch mainline being installed

The mainline on #6 getting ready to be installed 

The mainline in this picture has been installed, the trench has been compacted and sod laid back 
over the pipe.

Here is one of the storage bins for the irrigation heads 

Some of the 8 inch main lines 

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