Thursday, September 26, 2019

Dual drop seeders is the way we over-seed fairways here at the Foundry.  150 lbs/ two directions. 
We will perform another light coating of 50 lbs per acre in about a month.  This will give us a chance to re apply to any thin or missed areas and give a little more to some of the areas that fade out through the early germination. 

The staff has gone through all the bunkers to highlight any low or too much sand. The second process is the shift the 
sand from the deep to the low areas.  Extra sand has also been brought in to refill low areas or contaminated areas  
The small workman vehicles work great for these task. The areas able to get close enough to drop the sand so the staff 
can shift it into the proper place.

Staff applying soil amendments to the soil for strong and health putting greens
Thanks to our hard working staff the golf course is in excellent condition and we area very proud of it. It is always a boost to the staff when a member comes out of their way to say "thank you" for your hard work. It can never be said too much!

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