Friday, June 7, 2019

Greens and Tees

Along with aeration to the teeing surface we also go back and incorporate an aggressive verticutting and sand topdressing.  Verticutting is a process which allows us to remove excess thatch (spongy feel) on the teeing surface.  Once the verticutting is completed there will be many liner slits cut down into the canopy, that can be backfield with straight sand.  This will help to firm the surface up along with creating a better growing media for the Bermuda grass 

The Picture showing the amount of thatch that is pulled up from the teeing area.  This will be picked up and discarded.

Showing the sand topdressing be applied to the teeing area.  This will be dragged into the slits after drying.

We used a .250 solid tine of a 3 inch spacing on the putting greens earlier this week.  This is done to create air channels to help with better water penetration and root growth.  You will notice the sand topdressing was applied before the solid tine aeration.  This was done to eliminate tire tracks from the topdressing machine since aeration makes the surface of the putting green soft.  

Here is a close up picture of what it looks like after the aerators have gone over the greens.  After a few hours a drag brush is used to incorporate sand into the canopy and some will even get into the small holes.

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