Thursday, February 28, 2019

February Task 2

Here is a big pile of tree debris from all the tree work we did around the golf course.  Staging it to burn so we can make more room for storage.

Here are a few pictures illustrating the deep edging of the bunkers.  Each winter the staff 
performs a deep edge so we don't lose the original edge or the definition of the bunkers.  We find that the low edge is the area that grows in the most rapidly. The staff uses shovels and rakes so as you 
can see it is a lot of tedious work to dig out the edges an not containment the sand. 

Here is the middle green side bunker at 3 green site.  The shovel is indicating where 
the bunker edge was this morning.  You can see they removed about 18 inches of grass that had grown in.

I have had a few questions about the purple spots on the greens this winter. 
it is effects of the cold winter weather that causes the segregated plant varieties of the A1-A4 bent grass. It is mainly cosmetic and will disappear once we start routine mowing next month and 
warmer weather allows for more growth on the greens.

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