Sunday, January 27, 2019

February tasks

We have added several tarps to teeing areas at 9 and 10 tees to do some testing for winter survival and hopefully more protection from the winter low temps and wind from drying them out. We really don’t know if it is more the cold or drying out during the winter that causes the most damage. The covers will help hold  moisture in and reduce wind from drying the crown of the plant out.  It will also help to hold in some heat

Tree works is going on throughout the course. Managing tree lines and shade is an ongoing task on most golf courses. This is the case at the Foundry as well. This is 6 fairway and one of the fairways that had 
A lot of damage last winter and spring due to the extremely cold with and poor transition from rye to Bermuda grass in the summer. This tree line will be reduced by removing approximately 10-15 trees. Although complete removal of all the trees would be best that’s is not what we are looking for. We hope to create lanes of sunlights to enhance the growth of the grass while still leaving a tree line fairway to the left of the golf hole. 

Here is the same hole as above when we had snow last month. You can see the snow is in the same exact area as the shade line. This is a concern since it prevents the snow from  melting. 

Here is right side of 10 fairway. This areas was also greatly effected last winter and spring due to winter kill. North facing slope and shade lines cause havoc on the Bermuda grass 

Here is the staff doing some tree work on 12. 

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