Friday, February 23, 2018

Networking for the golf industry

Representing at the Agricultural Business Banquent in Richmond On behalf of the Virginias Golf Course Superintendents Association. We were able to have some conversations with Congressman Dave Brat about our industry. Glad to know that he is willing to support us and willing to be part of  a some events in the future.

Spent some time in February visiting at the state capital representing for th Virginia Golf Course Industry. Meet with several Senators and Aides to lobby on behalf of some water/well drilling issues that were trying to be passed that did not Benefit the golf industry. This was one of the meetings that day with Senator Dave Sutterlain District 19 

During the early part of February, I attended the Golf Course Superintendents National Conference in San Antonio.
Continue Eduation is part of the way to keep up with the latest trends, network with professors, friends from other parts of the country and make other connections. 
No matter how many social network sites there are, having face to face time is still the most engaging and best way to learn!

The opening portion of the trade show floor in San Antonio. The Golf Course Architects Association built this hole inside the convention center for the event to help demonstrate several products found on a golf hole.

Closing ceramony sponsored by John Deere. Comedian Darrell Hammond provided us with some entertainment.