Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bermuda Aeration

Fairways, tees amd approaches have also been aerated to aid with rye grass transition and promote healthy bermudagrass 

Using the sweeper to collect cores from the playing areas 

Here is a good illustration showing the approach sand topdressing program is doing a nice job. The added sand helps to firm up the approaches and allow for better plant health and playability.

Nutec was on property applying the prescribed 
Nutrients to the course. Nutec is a gps guide fertility application based on over 500 soil sample that are collected and given a gps cordinate and then sent to the lab for testing. Nutrients are added based on the deficiency in the exact locations. 


Greens are recovery well and have been rolled for several days. We will perform our first mowing after 5 days. 

Greens being mowed after 5 days 

Small amounts of sand is brought back to the putting surface after mowing and rolling so the team using back pack blowers to spread the sand into any open holes 

May Greens Aeration

Deep tines that are 1/2 inch in diameter are used to created long channels for healthy root growth. 
Quad tine using 1/2 inch holes are used the aerate the greens to remove thatch and create space for healthy bentgrass 
Holes are back filled with sand to aid I. Drainage and oxygen for the root system
Here the you can see the open holes are from the deep tine machine which is completed after the core aeration has been accomplished.
With good weather all holes are healed over with in 21 days