Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Winter task

Fransico giving the crape myrtles a pruning 


Hunter putting down an application of Anuew growth regulator to help control Poa in the the grass

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tree Removal/Turf Health

Select tree removal through-out the winter adds to an increase opputunity for better turf health. We study shade through out the year to make the best choice when selecting tree removal. Our goal is not to lose the character of any particular hole when removing trees but to give the turf the best chance to maintain strong health. 

Stump grinding will follow the tree removal process during next month along with topsoil and seeding.



Drainage 10 Fairway and Landing Area

Drainage was installed on 10 to inprove the growing conditions and allow for better playability. 


Staff cuts and removes the sod before trenching so it can later be used after the drain pipe is installed.


2-3 inches of gravel is installed below the slotted  pipe and on top of the pipe to create greater and faster water infiltration rates. 

After gravel has been installed, sand and the sod is replaced back over the pipe. This helps to speed recovering and prevent the sand and gravel from washing out

After the sod is late some more TLC and rain or irrigation water is used to remove any excess dirt or mud clogs.