Friday, October 7, 2016

Closed week task

Staff is working in bunkers to correct and even out sand depths. We like to manage a 1-2 inches in the slopes and 5-6 inches in the bottoms. Since we aerated the greens and overseeded fairways the last week of September it gave us time toward the end of that week for enough man power to complete it in a few days. 


Here is an early morning view of #3 fairways after just 7 days since the seed was put out. We had several days of rain after we seeded but I have never experienced this much seed germination this fast.

Mowing the first cut in fairways after 8 days post seeding. It is crazy how fast this has come up! Our first mowing is usually around 10-14 days post seeding 

Here is a picture showing how much growth we have had in 8 days after seeding. Fairway and approach mowers were raise 3/4 of an inch(this is normal practice as we head into winter).


Staff working on landscape beds to enhance club grounds as we prepare for the rest of the fall golf season. 

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