Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fertilizer/poa control

We are adding gypsum to the greens to help flush some of the toxin and salts that accumulate during the summer and fall season. It will also aid with water infiltration.

Here we are applying "Aneuw" which is new chemistry to the fairways to help reduce annual bluegrass, it will also reduce mowing. We have added ferrous sulfate to the tank at 12 lbs/acre. This will darken the turf with no flush growth. 

The picture below shows a check plot for us to monitor results of the product.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Short game area

Taking down trees last winter to create more space at the practice area

Taking down more trees during October to provide more space for additional hitting areas, a bunker and two more target greens 
Still clearing area
One of our members let us use their dozer to grade and level the area.
Starting to shape areas for target greens and bunker area
Digging out for a Practice Bunker
bunker starting to take shape
Cutting shape into dirt that was shaped for the bunker complex. Also adding drainage for the Bunker.
Bunker liner getting installed 
Bunker sand and sod being installed around the bunker complex and zoysia is 
Planted on the target greens 
Second target greens is @175 away from practice tee
Zoysia and overseeded Bermuda getting installed

The new teeing area with bunker and target green behind it. Using walk mower to roll sod down