Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fertilizer and compost

The practice tee is receiving a few paces of compost to help with recovery from play and the rye grass transition. The compost will help to hold the heat and release nutrients for the plant and provide some added soil benefits. It will be spread over the entire tee at a 1/4 inch. 

Fertilizer is also being added to the fairways to continue to push the Bermuda to a full recovery from the rye to Bermuda transition. 

Winterkill sod replacement

Overseeding for winter play can have its draw backs during the summer transition. One of the major concerns is the extra traffic from mowing that stresses the Bermuda grass. This added stress is one of the causes that contributes to death of the Bermuda. These areas have been prepped and sodded. The sod will take a few weeks to tack down well enough for us to start mowing it. After approximately 3 weeks the height of the sod will be the same as the playing areas around them.
3 approach
3 approach: The damaged area has been cut out.  We are using our bunker machine with the plow on in to help with removing the damaged material.
18 Approach

Sod being installed