Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Soil Sample and GPS coordinates

Each year samples are gathered from each hole on the property.  Each bag contains samples from an area of approximately 30 feet in diameter throughout the course.  Each bag is place on the ground from the area that has been tested. The next step is to load the GPS coordinates to each sample bag.  Once all sample have been logged into the computer the samples are sent to the lab. A report is generated that shows us deficiencies within the soils.
A prescription application for each nutrient that is needed is generated. By using the GPS computer and a special GPS guided spreader from (nutec soils company) the exact fertilizer requirements and amounts will be added where they are needed.  The old fashion way of blanket treating the golf course with a blended fertilizer is not the most sound practice.  We strive to control our nutrient inputs at the foundry along with maintaining a cost efficient and environment friendly approach.  This program has allowed us to do this for several years.

Samples collected
GPS coordinates logged for each bag

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