Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pond Bank Repairs

Guys using small stone to create a ledge for the small soxx tubes to sit on and provide stability.

The soxx tubes have compost, soil and seed in them.  The bermudagrass will grow into the soxx and provide stability and erosion control.  Yard works out of Powhatan is where we order the soxx tubes from.
Soxx tubes being installed on the rock ledge.
Jeff mayo from yardworks providing some instruction on stacking the tubes 
Finish product on #8 after tubes were installed and sod was used over top of the tubes

#15 pond had a large erosion wash out that had to be reshaped and soxx tubes and sod added to stabilize the bank

William working on reshaping the mound and pond bank
Pond bank re-established, tubes and sod 
Placed to keep established. 


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