Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pond Bank Repairs

Guys using small stone to create a ledge for the small soxx tubes to sit on and provide stability.

The soxx tubes have compost, soil and seed in them.  The bermudagrass will grow into the soxx and provide stability and erosion control.  Yard works out of Powhatan is where we order the soxx tubes from.
Soxx tubes being installed on the rock ledge.
Jeff mayo from yardworks providing some instruction on stacking the tubes 
Finish product on #8 after tubes were installed and sod was used over top of the tubes

#15 pond had a large erosion wash out that had to be reshaped and soxx tubes and sod added to stabilize the bank

William working on reshaping the mound and pond bank
Pond bank re-established, tubes and sod 
Placed to keep established. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tree Root Prunning

Tree roots will rob nutrients and water from turfgrass causing the turf to become   Weak and exposing bare ground. We have been Prunning the worst hit areas around the course over the last week.  Our process has been to cut and remove sod from the area, trench down to approximately 8-10 inch while cutting through the roots on one or two sides of the trees drip line. Third, the staff fills and tamps the dirt back into the trench line. Finally the sod is laid back over the trench for recovery.
Removing the sod

Trenching down 8-10 inches

Trench line

Sod is placed back over the trench once it has been filled. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Drainage to the Fairway at 8

Adding a catch basin at the top of the hill along with several laterial drains to help eleviate wet condition at the junction of the fairway and the approach to #8 green surround. 

Adding gravel and drainage pipe in the landing area of #8 fairway.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cart Path Edging

Edging the paths on these cold morning.

The debris is removed with shovels and blowers 

Blowing of the rest of the debris.