Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tree removal at practice area

Thinning out the left side of the range to create more area for hitting shots 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Repairing From Tree Removal

Here you can see Mike Scobar grinding the stumps.  This 60 horsepower stump grinder is great!  It knocks out a stump in a flash. We have been working with Mike for several years now. If you need stumps grinded he's your guy. "Scobar Stump Service".

Here our staff is cleaning up the stump shavings 

You can see the mess it makes when taking down several trees and hauling the  
Trees away. This is why we like doing this type of work in the winter time.

Martin is aerovating this area to smooth out the ruts and prepare for seeding.

The staff is adding a soil compost mix to all the stump holes.  Seeding and fertilizer will be added 
A mixture of fescue and rye grass is being added

Fertilizer is being applied to help the fescue that is already in place along with some beneficial nutrients for the new seed once it germinates.  It will most likely be late February or March before we see any germination.  Once this grows in, it will provide a nice border for the hole.  Since a lot of the trees are gone the landing area and rough will be much healthier and provide a better playing area.  

Reducing shade Hole #8

This is a picture I had taken back in early August.  The picture was taken at approximately 12 o'clock. As you can see, it stays shaded for most of the day.  During the afternoon this pattern goes away by 3 o'clock, it starts to receive shade from the left side of the fairway. Growing Bermuda grass is the shade is hard enough but transitioning rye grass to Bermudagrass in the shade is almost impossible.  After the fight we had last year it was time to make some changes to allow the turf to become stronger and provide a better playing area.  

Here is a picture before we starting cutting the trees, looking up into the fescue area to the right of the fairway.

The staff is hard at work cutting down trees and removing the debris from the site.

Here is a picture of the landing area where we are going to get more sunlight to.  We have cut down several trees but we have more to go as you can still see some shadows.  This is about 9 o'clock. 

Here is the area after it has been cleaned up.  It has taken approximately 260 man hours to remove trees and clean up the area.  

Crape Myrtle Prunning

Josh Brookerson has done a nice job Prunning the crape mrytles.  This is a timely process to do it correctly.  We will continue to prune other trees and bushes around the clubhouse over the coming weeks.  

Refurbishing Accessories

Trash cans can take a beating in a years time.  Every winter our staff removes rotten boards and repaints them to look better and withstand another year

We have made a few larger trash containers this year to put around the course. We choose to make most of our course accessories in house. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Additional drainage to 9

We have added some additional drains to the approach and walk up area to 9 green.  We added drainage to this hole two years ago but decided we needed add a few more areas for pipe to help provide a better playing area and healthier turf grass. 

Area after it was trenched 

Drainage 8 fairway

The first part of 8 fairway drains slow plus it needs some additional drains to help move a lot of the water that drains off the slopes from both sides of the fairway.

Several trenches have been plowed to a depth of 12-15 inches.  Pipe with small holes in it is sandwiched between two gravel layers inside the trench.  This will help move water down and into the pipe to allow for faster drying time.

Sod was cut off before the work was performed and will be replaced once the work has been completed.

Here you can see the staff adding the top layer of gravel of the pipe.

Adding the sod back to the trench line.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Tee Markers

Each year the staff refurbishes the course supplies.  Here you will see the staff making new tee markers
Cutting logs for markers

Using a drill to cut out an area to be painted to indicate which tee for players to play from.
Painting the cut out area.  We use the colors blue,green,yellow and red.