Thursday, June 19, 2014

Edging greens and spiking weak areas

Edging the greens to manage the Bermuda grass from getting into the bentgrass greens.  We do this several times a year
Delineation between the bentgrass and Bermuda grass collars

We use the roller drum of the tee mowers  to roll down the turf after we have edged it.  This prevents scalping of the turf the next time it is mowed and reduces the edges from drying out during the day time.

Using the Aerovator to loosen up the ground on the walk on and walk off areas to the teeing areas along with other compacted areas on the course

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fans and Rye transition

Today we finished installing greens fans around 10 greens.  We have added 2 new fans this year to 3 and 16 green.  The picture below is the fan located behind 16 green.
The fans will provide air movement and provide some cooling for the bentgrass putting greens.  These fans enhance the health of the grass and help assist the maintenance crew to manage the greens through-out the summer months 

Here is a picture of number 11 approach that was overseeded with rye for winter color and playability.  The 95+ temperatures are putting a hurting on the rye grass.  This is the normal process and most all areas will be filled in and covered by the first part of July.