Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aerating the golf course week

This week we have attacked the golf course with aerators.  We started out aerating greens with a 3/8inch tine spacing at 1.5 inches.  Topdressing sand, brushing,blowing and rolling completed the process.  Next we attack the Bermuda collars and approaches.  Plugs were collected and the areas were cleaned off.  Topdressing sand will be incorporated into these areas next week.
Fairways were aerated using larger machines with larger holes. The plugs were dragged in, blown off and are ready to be mowed.  Rough areas are the last areas to be cleaned up. The rough areas will be cleaned up by Friday.  Fertilizer has been applied to the golf course to help push the bermudagrass along. This has been a long hard week!  A big thank you goes out to the turfcare staff for their   
dedication and hard work.  

Monday, May 26, 2014

More bunker encroachment work

The guys are working on reclaiming the bottom edge of the bunker.  We have worked on several of these over the last four weeks.  Playability for a couple of weeks after the work has been done can make the sand softer than normal.  A few plugged or buried balls maybe seen during this time.  With water and packing the issue will go away and will play like normal.  

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bunker encroachment

It is amazing how fast the bermudagrass can take over an area in front of your own eyes.  Here is a 4 year old bunker "which seems like it was built last year" that has grown in over two feet on the low side.  The sod has been cut out at the original spot where the liner starts.  Before picture at the top and the bottom picture after the work has been completed. Hole number 4

Fertilizer on Bermuda and ryegrass

We apply .75 lbs of nitrogen to the fairways and rough on a 14 day cycle until we get thorough the transition process.  It normal take until The first part of July to complete.  Weather is one of the biggest factors of this process being a seem less transition.