Monday, March 10, 2014

NuTec soil nutrient management

We use a company called NuTec soils to assist us with precision nutrient management.  We have used them for three years.  We have seen great results while working to add the proper nutrients to each square foot of our property.  Our staff collects samples through out the entire property.  We collect approximately 8 samples an acre,  each sample bag is collected and given a GPS coordinate.  After samples have been tested NuTec 
Will write a prescription that will fit the need for our property.  Each nutrient will be added to the property at the recommended rate which is suggested by the lab.  The suggestion are based on the USDA for growing the healthiest turf.  Our goal is to provide optium soil nutrient so the turf can perform at its best with reduced cost to the overall fertilizer budget.  We have been able to reduce fertility inputs and wasted dollars on fertility that was not needed 

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