Friday, March 21, 2014

Bunker depth correction

Guys working on correcting bunker depths on bunker floor and slopes.  We maintain a 4-5inch layer on the bottoms and 1-2 inch layer on the slopes to prevent plugged balls

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mulching at the Clubhouse

It is a cold and windy day!  Guys are bundled up as they are applying a new layer or fresh mulch to the club grounds.  We get our mulch at Yardworks of Powhatan. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Pressure washing the clubhouse

Washing off the dirt and grim from clubhouse.  We are ready for spring!

Pre-emerge for spring weeds

Today we have applied pre-emerge herbicide to the tees,roughs and fairways.  The sprayer below is used to apply chemical to the big open areas 

Here Claudio is applying pre-emerge herbicide to the greens surround and doing tie-in areas where the big sprayer can not get to.

NuTec soil nutrient management

We use a company called NuTec soils to assist us with precision nutrient management.  We have used them for three years.  We have seen great results while working to add the proper nutrients to each square foot of our property.  Our staff collects samples through out the entire property.  We collect approximately 8 samples an acre,  each sample bag is collected and given a GPS coordinate.  After samples have been tested NuTec 
Will write a prescription that will fit the need for our property.  Each nutrient will be added to the property at the recommended rate which is suggested by the lab.  The suggestion are based on the USDA for growing the healthiest turf.  Our goal is to provide optium soil nutrient so the turf can perform at its best with reduced cost to the overall fertilizer budget.  We have been able to reduce fertility inputs and wasted dollars on fertility that was not needed 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Drainage #2

Drainage has been added to the landing areas at #2 fairway.  This will be a big improvement.
Sod is cut off and the trench was dug to 15-18 inches 
Pipe was installed and gravel was added back to the trench
Jairo is laying the sod back over the trench to stabilize the gravel until spring arrives
Just some minor cleanup is left