Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ultra dwarf mini verde tee

A couple years a ago we sprigged the small tee in front of the lodge with Mini verde Bermuda grass.  This grass is used down south for putting greens.  We wanted to try it in a small area along with providing a place for guest from the lodge to putt while they were staying over night.  The  Bermuda grass is painted during the winter months to provide color.  The canopy is to thick for overseeding.  The paint provides a good contrast.

Note that the fairway in the background is overseeded with ryegrass 

Second application of turf paint to tee tops

We started painting tees a few years ago to reduce the stress of rye overseeding on the tees.  The paint gives the contrast between the dormant Bermuda and the teeing ground. The paint also assist the Bermuda grass by keeping the canopy warmer by attracting heat.  Last year the tee tops greened up 20-30 days earlier than the non painted Bermuda grass

Reconfigured 16 creek/pond

The retaining pond and waterfall feature on 16 has been leaking over the last two years and has required continual maintenance to keep it working properly.  We decide to reconstruct the pond to hold less water so the daily refilling would be reduced and to allow for the waterfall feature to work more appropriately.  Although it is reduced in size it will still find plenty of golf balls that get to close.  The staff did a great job with reconfiguring this feature

The collection pond before we tore it apart

The staff is draining the pond

The staff has added over 20 small dump truck loads of fill dirt to shape the new pond

William is adjusting some of the new boulders that we have added

The pond after it has been filled with water

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Drainage part two on #8

We have added several drain lines to #8 fairway this winter. All water runs to the middle of this fairway.  So in attempt to create better playing conditions and provide firmer landing areas this is one part of the process in achieve those expectations.  More solid tines, topdressing and strict water management will also be key applications for this to succeed.  Sod was removed, trenched was dug to 16 inches gravel, pipe and sand were added to complete the drainage.  The sod was laid back over the trench to prevent the trench lines from eroding.  I don't always like adding sod back over the trench since it can slow down the drainage in the first few months but in extreme slope areas or where a lot of water moves accross the top of the ground it is a money and labor savor

4 inch perforated pipe being installed

Sod was stripped from the fairway

Drainage has been installed and sod has been laid back over the trench line to help with any erosion concerns

Monday, February 24, 2014

Scobar stump grinding

Mike from Scobar came in today a grounded about 50 stumps.  The crew will be cleaning up the mess.

Big tree at clubhouse coming down

The lighting is not too good for the pictures but hopefully you can see the what took place

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Inside jobs during snow days

Here are a few of the task that we have been working on during the snow days.

Re-painted the halfway house walls and floors

Tee markers that are made yearly and distributed back on the course in the spring 
Carpet from the lodge is being removed by the turf care staff to help with the lodge renovation

Painting in the turf care building 
Painting the new equipment cabinets

Fire pit at the lodge

We have constructed a fire pit at the lodge to bring more outside enjoyment for our guest

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow removal for Valentines dinner

Turf care staff removing the snow to prepare for tonight's valentines dinner at the club.

William is using the front end loader to remove snow from the parking lot