Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow pictures

Here are some snow pictures from this past week 

Hole #1
Hole #4
Hole #6
Soil temps at 3-4 inches is 34 degrees.  1-2 inches is 32 degrees. A little concerned for the Bermuda grass roots. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Drainage #8

We have started the drainage on 8 fairway.  Since this is in the middle of the fairway and at the bottom of the slope I decided we would sod cut the area before trenching and adding drainage pipe.  After the pipe has been installed the sod can be laid back over the trench which will help prevent the sand from washing out of the trenches.  We will add another 750 ft of drainage to the second part of the fairway as weather permits 
Removing sod and trenching

Adding pipe and gravel to the trenches
The pipe has been installed and the sod has been laid back over the trench to prevent sand from washing out. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Curbing at front drive

The front drive has been getting torn up with the increase in golfers and members.  I have decide to incorporate a rock curbing/rubble strip to reduce the turf damage at the front drive and club house area.  Hopefully it will work and last. 
Add three rows at the main curve

Drainage to 8 approach

The landing area at 8 is a high traffic area that stays wet from rain and water running down from the hillside beside it. We have installed drainage to help solve this problem.  It will also help with balls approaching the greens complex.  We will continue our topdressing program to all approach areas to aid with smoothness, drainage and firmness. 
Trenching through the ryegrass approach area.
After trenching.  Dormant sod was added back in the Bermuda areas.  On the rye grass approach we added plugs and seed

Adding drainage behind 4 green

Adding drainage behind number 4 green and 5 teeing area.  This area stays wet since the tee heads, perimeter heads and at times the green heads end up throwing water in this low low areas

Behind number 4 green after drainage wash installed

Inside jobs for those nasty winter days

Here are some pictures of some of the inside task we have been working on during the in climate weather patterns.  Even through it is a maintenance building 
It should still be kept as neat and tidy as possible.  There are three offices bathrooms and break rooms along with storage space and equipment repair bays. With as much as 21 staff members during the summer the building can get messed up and some what trashed in a years time.  Each year we spend a few weeks making adjustments,repainting and organizing to get ready for the next golfing season.  Here are a few pictures of some of the work being complete in the turf care center

We are installing insulation panels in all of the bay doors to reduce heat loss while hopefully saving some money on heat cost.
Here is one of the bay doors completed
In this picture we have rellocated our tool cabinet to another location in the building to prepare for more adequent parking and work space for the shop
Tool cabinet being altered 
The grinding room for the mowers will be closed in and a new opening will be created inside the mechanics work bay.  This will be better suited for the operation  while at the same time make it safer and allow more air circulation.
Tool cabinet in place with 12 more feet added on to it.
Grinding room door being closed in 
8 feet of this wall is coming down to allow more cart and work space
After the 8 feet was removed
Ball washers being cleaned, fix brushes and clips
Grinding off 5 years of paint
Each year we paint the floor with an oil base paint.  We have 5years of paint on the floor.  It was chipping and pealing up in several areas and not effective for providing a clean work area.  I decide this year we will grind off the paint and apply epoxy in the main work area where the mechanics do most of the work.  The expoxy wiill hold up better and last longer with fewer applications
More pictures of the final product will come in a few weeks.