Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wetlands and leaf clean up

Cutting down the wetlands @ #3

#3 wetlands getting chopped down
Leaves to the right of number 15 fairway blown and ready to be picked up and mulched

Friday, November 22, 2013

Drainage to 18 and 14 Fairways

More areas where we are trying to improve playability. This will improve the firmness of the playing area and allow for more yardage off the tees and onto the approaches.  Sand topdressing will also be incorporated into these areas throughout the year to help with smoothness.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Drainage installation in #1 fairway/approach

Drainage line have been trenched and now the staff is removing all the dirt so gravel,pipe and sand can be installed

Drainage is complete 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Second application of rye seed

William is applying another light coating of seed at 30 lbs to the acre.  This is not much but it allow us a chance to go over every fairway again along with doubling up on any thin areas we may see while we are out there.  This process is usually done after we have had a frost or two.  The goal for the turf care staff now is to fertilize the ryegrass every few weeks to get the rye grass thick before "old man" winter sets in. 

Painting tees

We have been painting tee tops for the last few years.  This gives us an alternative to the overseeding that we have done in years past.  What we have found is that we have a much healthier Bermudagrass.  It also allows the Bermuda grass to green up about a month early in the spring due to the paint attracting more sunlight and storing heat. The cost savings verses overseeding is also @$2000. A second application will be applied in 8 weeks 

Drainage work to 11,9 and 12

Here are a few pictures of this weeks drainage projects. This week we concentrated on some of the smaller areas.  These area were mainly around the green approaches.  We will continue on with some other drainage projects through out the remainder of the fall and winter season.  We will install around 4000 linear feet before next year.

Drainage at #9
Drainage #9
Drainage work #9
Drainage #11
Drainage #11
Drainage #11