Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Aeration to Greens and Overseeding Fairways

Recovery time for the greens will take 14-21 days.  The seed will germinate within 5-7 days.  Will usually perform the first mowing at 9-10 days at a higher height than they will be maintained at/. This yo ensure we ere not pulling the seeds out of the ground.  The mowers also help the push the seed into the ground.  All we need now is a slow steady rain day:) 
Removing the plugs so sand top dressing can be applied.  
Blowing the sand into the holes to allow for good root growth.  The sand allows for nutrients, water and oxygen to easily enter the growing medium of the plant.
Drop seeding the rye seed in the fairways 300 lbs/acre
Picture of the seed compared the key
Watering in directly behind the seeding

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