Monday, July 8, 2013

Wet Week/Set Backs/Moving Forward

Last week the foundry received approximately 6 inches of rain.  The fairways and rough did not get cut until Friday.  We went 6-7 day without cutting these areas due to how wet it was.  The fairway mowers and rough mowers had to be raised so we could mow during the weeks with scalping the grass all over the course.  Greens were spongy and required some gentle care.  We did spray for root rot on the greens since there was so much water.  We will make a follow up application this week with more rain in the forecast.

We look forward to catching up with all the mowing this week.  I have sprayed the rough with a growth regulator to help maintain the growth and allow us to maintain it at a lower height.  Currently we are mowing it at 1.75.  I want to get it back down to 1.5 inches by the weekend. 

Walk bridge at 18 and clubhouse cover for @48 hours

Bunker detail and repairs were a continual thing last week. We used approximately 280 man hours
in bunkers last week

Fine Creek was flowing hard during last week. 

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