Friday, June 21, 2013

Cleaning up and the end of aeration week

This week started out with light rain on Monday and a heavy down pour on Tuesday.  We received about 1.65 inches of rain on Monday and Tuesday.  Luckily the rain on Tuesday came around 3 o clock.  We were able to proceed with the weeks plan of aerating to the golf course.  The aeration part was not bad however the clean process was a little difficult since the plugs turned into mud. Wednesday and Thursday turned out to be nice days and we were able to get caught up. Thanks to the turf care staff along with assistant Superintendent Hunter Hankley for pushing the staff to stay late to put the finishing touches on the course Wednesday and Thursday evening.  Here are a few more pictures from Thursday and Friday. 
Dragging to break up the aeration plugs in the rough

Using the rotary rough mower to chop up the aeration plugs

Fertilizer was added to the entire golf course at 1 lb of Nitrogen.  This is a 50% Slow release and 50% quick release product

Picture of fertilizer in the spreader

Finally it is all cleaned up and ready to heal

Second application of sand on Thursday was applied to aid with filling aeration holes and create smoothness.

Using Backpack blowers to push sand into aeration holes and into turf canopy

Rolling greens Friday morning

The greens were sprayed Friday morning with a preventive fungicide and wetting agent to help manage water.  It was watered in after the application. Looks good considering all that was done to them this week

Hard to see but it was the spray for greens this morning, fertilizer, fungicide and wetting agent.  After all the beating they took this week, I figured they had some pain so we gave them a pan killer:).  This will help with disease pressure along with fast recovery and assist with healthy greens.


  1. Gents - Just wanted to pen this note, having happened upon this blog, to comment how truly fantastic the course looks this year. Judging by your pics, as well as the daily activity I observe as a neighbor within Greywalls, I have a new appreciation re: the magnitude of work involved. It shows. Thanks! -Corey Davis (3149 Gullane Ct)

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