Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bermuda Grass Taking Over

Fertilizer was applied yesterday to the fairways and tee tops.  This along with the rain on Friday should push the Bermuda to finalize the transition for this year.  Another application of fertilizer will be added in two weeks to the entire course to maintain healthy growth through out the summer.

Looking back at #4 fairway.  This hole is 85-90 percent Bermuda. 

#8 is the weakest fairway on the property.  It is about 50-60 percent Bermuda.  It will take the majority of June to completely fill in. 

One of the worst spots on the course. The rye grass is burnt out and only Bermuda grass is left.  With in two weeks it will be completely full.  This is part of the expectations with over seeding transition

sodded small worn area on 13 at path entry.  These areas recieve sod yearly because of traffic and compaction. This sod is like a door mat.

Hand watering collars to keep moisture levels at the same levels as the green profile

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