Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Aeration Continue

Day two of aeration was a little messy!  We did finish all the tees and approach areas leading to the greens today.  Around lunch time the rain came down and turn the aeration plugs on the approaches into mud. With some dry weather tomorrow and Thursday we will be able to blow and drag this out.  We hope to be mowing all of the golf course on Thursday and Friday.  The greens will recieve another application of sand to fill in the aeration hole.  We also plan to topdress the approach areas during next week.  This will help them drain faster and play a little firmer with several more applications of sand.

16 approach after aeration was completed.  Now the clean up effort begins

Blowing aeration plugs off of the tees

Rolling the greens to smooth them out after yesterdays aeration. We will roll for the next couple of days

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