Monday, June 17, 2013

Aerating the World

Today we started aerating the Greens, Tees, Fairways and Approaches.  We had rain at the golf course this morning that got us out to a slow start but we have made up a lot of ground since mid morning.  Here are some pictures of today activities. greens have been completed.  We will add another application of sand later this week to fill the remainder of open holes on the greens.  We are the halfway point on the fairways and tees.  We will finish these areas tomorrow if the rain holds off.

Aeration being performed on #9 green

Clean the plugs off the greens

Brushing sand into the hole

Aeratiing fairways and roughs.  Using 5/8 inch tines

Blowing plugs off the fairways into the rough.  The rough mower will chop them up later in the week.

Jay applying fertilizer to the greens to help recovery

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