Friday, June 21, 2013

Cleaning up and the end of aeration week

This week started out with light rain on Monday and a heavy down pour on Tuesday.  We received about 1.65 inches of rain on Monday and Tuesday.  Luckily the rain on Tuesday came around 3 o clock.  We were able to proceed with the weeks plan of aerating to the golf course.  The aeration part was not bad however the clean process was a little difficult since the plugs turned into mud. Wednesday and Thursday turned out to be nice days and we were able to get caught up. Thanks to the turf care staff along with assistant Superintendent Hunter Hankley for pushing the staff to stay late to put the finishing touches on the course Wednesday and Thursday evening.  Here are a few more pictures from Thursday and Friday. 
Dragging to break up the aeration plugs in the rough

Using the rotary rough mower to chop up the aeration plugs

Fertilizer was added to the entire golf course at 1 lb of Nitrogen.  This is a 50% Slow release and 50% quick release product

Picture of fertilizer in the spreader

Finally it is all cleaned up and ready to heal

Second application of sand on Thursday was applied to aid with filling aeration holes and create smoothness.

Using Backpack blowers to push sand into aeration holes and into turf canopy

Rolling greens Friday morning

The greens were sprayed Friday morning with a preventive fungicide and wetting agent to help manage water.  It was watered in after the application. Looks good considering all that was done to them this week

Hard to see but it was the spray for greens this morning, fertilizer, fungicide and wetting agent.  After all the beating they took this week, I figured they had some pain so we gave them a pan killer:).  This will help with disease pressure along with fast recovery and assist with healthy greens.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Aeration Continue

Day two of aeration was a little messy!  We did finish all the tees and approach areas leading to the greens today.  Around lunch time the rain came down and turn the aeration plugs on the approaches into mud. With some dry weather tomorrow and Thursday we will be able to blow and drag this out.  We hope to be mowing all of the golf course on Thursday and Friday.  The greens will recieve another application of sand to fill in the aeration hole.  We also plan to topdress the approach areas during next week.  This will help them drain faster and play a little firmer with several more applications of sand.

16 approach after aeration was completed.  Now the clean up effort begins

Blowing aeration plugs off of the tees

Rolling the greens to smooth them out after yesterdays aeration. We will roll for the next couple of days

Monday, June 17, 2013

Aerating the World

Today we started aerating the Greens, Tees, Fairways and Approaches.  We had rain at the golf course this morning that got us out to a slow start but we have made up a lot of ground since mid morning.  Here are some pictures of today activities. greens have been completed.  We will add another application of sand later this week to fill the remainder of open holes on the greens.  We are the halfway point on the fairways and tees.  We will finish these areas tomorrow if the rain holds off.

Aeration being performed on #9 green

Clean the plugs off the greens

Brushing sand into the hole

Aeratiing fairways and roughs.  Using 5/8 inch tines

Blowing plugs off the fairways into the rough.  The rough mower will chop them up later in the week.

Jay applying fertilizer to the greens to help recovery

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rain/Humidity and Prep for Father Child Tournament

The turf care staff will be making final preperations over the next couple days for the father child tournament.  We will be double cutting and rolling to achieve good playing conditions on the greens along with daily mowing of the fairways and teeing areas.  We are alittle behind from years past, due to the recent rains that have caused some minor delays in maintaining the course.

Since last friday we have recieved close to four inches of rain.  The rain has been good for washing in the fertilizer that was applied last week to the fairways and tees.  The Bermuda grass is growing like crazy! With all the rain we have been forced to stop mowing fairways for a few days.  We have had to raise mowing heights in these areas for a few days to help catch back up.  After each mowing we will lower mowers back down in small incremates to achieve a tighter turf. This rapid growth is a added bonus with transitioning from rye grass to Bermuda grass for the summer playing conditions. 

Fan use:  We usually put the fans out for the greens after the Father Child tournament but with the amount of rain we have had and the very humid conditions, I have decided to install the fans this week to give the bentgrass some added support.  The fans will be in operation 24 hours a day unless the temperture drops or the humidity drops to an exceptable range.
Fine Creek is full a flowing fast.  That is not the norm for this time of the year

Installing the fan on #4 greens site

A little hard to see but the fan for #9 green has been relocated to a center positon behind the green.  We have tried it at the back and front locations of the green to try and hind it but it as not been as succesfull.  We find that we get the maxiumum benefit out of the fans, if it is mounted no further than 100-115 feet. 

Another angle of #9 green site and fan

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bermuda Grass Taking Over

Fertilizer was applied yesterday to the fairways and tee tops.  This along with the rain on Friday should push the Bermuda to finalize the transition for this year.  Another application of fertilizer will be added in two weeks to the entire course to maintain healthy growth through out the summer.

Looking back at #4 fairway.  This hole is 85-90 percent Bermuda. 

#8 is the weakest fairway on the property.  It is about 50-60 percent Bermuda.  It will take the majority of June to completely fill in. 

One of the worst spots on the course. The rye grass is burnt out and only Bermuda grass is left.  With in two weeks it will be completely full.  This is part of the expectations with over seeding transition

sodded small worn area on 13 at path entry.  These areas recieve sod yearly because of traffic and compaction. This sod is like a door mat.

Hand watering collars to keep moisture levels at the same levels as the green profile