Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rye to Bermuda grass Transition Time

Each year here at the Foundry we have to go through the transition from ryegrass to Bermuda grass playing surfaces in the fairways.  Although the rye grass makes for a nice cosmectic and playing surface, during the winter in comes with some summer delays.  Just remember, rule of thumb when the high and low temperture reaches or exceeds 150, Bermuda grass is growing at its best.  What this means is that the more stress that can be put on the rye grass and more fertility and sunlight to enhance the Bermuda grass the easier this process happens.  Since I can not control the climate I have to be pre active with the other factors.  Just last week we had lows in the 40's and highs in the 60's.  That allowed growing conditions to be great for the cool season grasses but not for the Bermuda grass.  This week we are seeing low tempertures in the mid 60's and high tempertures in the 90's.  This is perfect for the Bermuda grass and should aid in a fast recovery time.  Overall it takes a few weeks to a month to finish this process.  There will usually be smaller areas that need aditional help but don't be concerned for long because we will look great at the end of it! 

Here are a few illustration on what we are seeing and can expect:

This picture illustrates two things, rye grass fairways and shad lines. We have worked hards over the last few years
to reduce shade and build a well balance soil to help the Bermuda grass over come the stress of over seeding.  Every year the trees get bigger and cast a larger foot print. 

Here is another angle on hole #15,  Half the picture shows Bermuda grass rough and the top half shows the fairway with 50-75 percent Bermuda grass

Here is a picture that shows about 50-60 percent Bermuda grass to rye grass in the fairways.  There is actually more Bermuda growing at the same height as the rye grass but it is hard to see with this illustration.  The Bermuda grass is the grass with the broadest leaf blades

Another illustraion of Bermuda grass and rye

Here is a small area where the rye grass has died do to higher tempertures and stress.  The good part about this picture is that there is alot of Bermuda grass.  The bad part is that you would not want all of the rye to die out this fast.  This areas will most likely be fully covered with-in the next week since the tempertures are going to be in the 90's.  There is an art along with mother natures magic that allows transition to take place. Some years are easy and some years are just tough! 

Here is 16 tee. There was no overseeding applied to the tee surfaces this year.  All tee tops have been green for the last several weeks.  There will be no worries here.  The warmer it gets the faster they will grow.

Another look at the tee tops.  These areas will keep getting better

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