Thursday, May 30, 2013

On Going Task

light topdressing for the greens.  This help with smoothness, aids with thatch reduction, firmness, ball mark recovery,
creates pockets for better water and air flow around the crown(growing point) of the plant.

Topdresser for spreading the sand.  Once we get into late June we will be using push spreaders and lighter rates of sand.  Although topdress has many benefits, during the summer stress it can cause problems if not handled with caution. 

solid tines (9mm solid) being used in the collars and clean up laps.  This will allow for a better growing environment for roots.  Trying to give the collars and clean up laps extra care going into the summer for over all better health.  These areas take more stress than the rest of the greens because they are impact zones. Entry and exit points, mowers and rollers starting and stopping at these areas which causes more friction and stress to the plants.  The symptoms will not usually show up until late July or August.

Brushes being used to work the sand into the canopy.  This will not be used during the summer months.  During the summer, light sand applications will be used and only irrigation water is used to work the sand into the canopy

Jay is applying the second part of the pre-emerge to the golf course to control the summer weeds.  He is also applying liquid copper to aid with our soil fertility needs.  Copper is applied in low amounts and enhances the Bermuda with a deep green color.

The fly mow (hover mower) being used to cut down the Bermuda surrounds.  These are will be managed from 1-1.5 inches through-out the summer months

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