Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bunker Work and Turf Care Operation

Scalping down the Bermuda grass to get more sunlight to the crown of the plant and soil.  This will help green up the Bermuda grass

Cleaning up bunkers and pushing sand to the high areas

Our mechanic Dale has put the final touches on the clean up and organization of the turf care center..  Each year we paint walls, floors  and repair cabinets, shelves, etc before the busy season hits. The winter time gives us ample time to get the turf care center organize and to keep it safe for our staff.

Nutec's Fertility Program for the Foundry

This is the second year doing the program.  We seen great results last year and are proceeding with the program.  We were able to save about $16,000 from what was needed last year or about 40 percent.
The truck is set up to apply nutrients to site specific areas where proper nutrients are needed.  We collected alot of samples then gps's each sample.  Now the truck will use that information along with the program that was designed for the foundry to apply varies rates through out the golf course to balance the soil structure. 

The Truck in action

Greens Aeration Program and Course Fertility

On Monday April 8th, the greens were aerated with .500 inch coring tines. The spacing was 2 inches.  This allowed for us to remove thatch, reduce compaction and allow for good air and oxygen exchange with the root zone.  This along with the nice weather will allow for good recovery and create ideal growing conditions for the roots.

Topdressing greens to fill aeration holes

Aeration plugs removed on the left, sand topdressing on the right.  The entire green will be top dressed with the same amount of sand.  We will use approximately 50 tons of sand

Brushing the greens to incorporate the sand into the open holes

Staff removing aeration plugs and hauling off. 

Rolling greens after sand topdressing and brushing.  We will blow and water greens to help move the remaining sand into the holes and canopy.

We are mowing greens today for the first time since aeration.  The greens are doing well and most of the holes are filled.  I believe with the current weather pattern we will see greens fully healed with-in 14 days