Thursday, February 14, 2013

Balancing the soils for the best conditions

Nutec Soils is here to perform the soil testing and layout the GPS setting for the precision fertility program  First, the sampling will occur with in a 30 foot circle several times on each hole. For example, we had 39 soil sample bags collected on hole number one.  Second, each bag is placed on the ground until Marcus comes by and plugs in the GPS coordinates.  Once the samples come back from testing nutec will use that data in conjunction with the GPS coordinates.  This will show us precisely which nutrients are deficient and too high.  We will use this information to precisely build a program for each hole.  Nutec has specialized equipment that will allow him to apply the precise amount of product where it is needed. 
The advantage of this is we can add high amounts of nutrients where we need them and not put any in the areas where it is not needed.  Most courses do soils samples using an average, we are doing it to be exact to produce healthy turf.  We are also spending less money on fertilizer because only the product that is needed is being applied.

Several of the turf care staff members are collecting the samples

Marcus is collecting the samples and plugging in the GPS coordinates

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