Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First rye grass mowing

It has been 14 days since we over seeded the fairways with rye grass and aerated greens.  The golf course has held up nicely!  The greens have been sprayed with a growth regulator to aid with true and fast putting surfaces through out the remainder of the year.  The fairways will be fertilized later this week with a 1/2 lb of Nitrogen to support grow in of the rye grass.  We will follow up with a second application of fertilizer once the frost has shut down the Bermuda grass for the year  We have to be care full not to over stimulate the Bermuda grass during this time of the year while trying to establish the rye grass.  The first frost usually comes around the third week of October.
Mowing rye grass 10 days after seeding

The seeding has come up very uniformed and will make for good fall,winter and spring playing conditions

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bunker work and Bermuda removal

Edging the greens to keep the Bermuda grass out and keep a defined edge.  This will be the last time until next spring.This task is completed approximately 6 times a year

Removing sand from the low areas of the bunkers to the slopes. We try to maintain a 1-1.5 inch depth on the faces and slopes where as we want a 4 inch depth in the bottoms

Claudio is using a measuring device to check sand depths

Adding sand to low areas

Martin is repairing bunker liner that has been damaged.  There were several bunkers where we had to add replacement liner.