Monday, July 9, 2012

July Activity

We have been very busy this month and the golf course is doing well!  The first part of the month we hosted the 2012 Richmond City Amateur Tournament.  The golf course played well and received rave reviews.  During the second week of July we were hit with the Storm that blew through the Mid Atlantic  This storm caused damage through-out the state along with mass power outages.  We were lucky, we lost three trees.  We did lose power to our irrigation pump station for two days.  We did get lucky since the days the pump station was out it rained a .25 of an inch each morning.  We were prepared with 1000 gals of portable water that we used trash pumps with hoses connected to them to water a few hot spots on those days.

Over the last week we have received extreme heat of 105 degrees with the heat index even higher.  Over four days of 100 plus heat is pretty tough.  The golf course has handled it very well, Greens are doing well thanks to the turf care staff for keeping them cool during this hot time frame.  Just another reminder as we go through July and August that the main focus for bent grass management is survive!  I am not concerned what the green speeds are or how firm they can be. We want to get to September with the least amount of damage as possible. Firm and Faster greens will return once September arrives.  We will continue on a 14 day disease prevention program through out the summer months to help wort of any disease activity.  We still may see some summer decline during the late July and August time frame.  The greens are full and healthy which will make them much stronger during the summer weather.  Here are some picture of us venting greens today.  This is another cultural practice that is used to help produce new roots and aid with bent grass management during the summer months
Venting the greens using 9mm size tines with 2.5 inch spacing

Venting Greens

Showing the putting surface just after the machine finished.  Spacing 2.5 inches

Rolling directly behind the roller

Putting surface when finished rolling.  The holes are hardly noticed.  Even though they are small the holes produce big benefits for the roots.  We do this every two weeks during the summer

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