Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fan use for bentgrass health

We purchased this fan used, from Sedge field Country Club this spring.  They have decided to change their greens to Bermuda grass.  With Bermuda grass fan use is not needed.  Growing bent grass in the mid-Atlantic can be very delicate.  The use of fans is sometimes the difference between a green living or dying.  I have never seen a green get worse with a fan!  Most clubs buy fans for their worst greens then the follow year that same green is one of their best greens.  The fans allow the superintendent to water as needed during humid and hot days while the fan creates a breeze to help dry the leaf blades off.  If the leaves of the plant stay wet during 90+ degree temperatures the plant will boil and die.  We are the same way!  I don't really like sitting outside at 90+ degree heat with out wind movement either.  Since we can not control mother nature the fan allows for a consistent breeze at a low MPH.

Portable fan stationed at the back right of 10 green.  This green site would be a great site for a permanent greens fan.
This green site sits in a cove of trees.  This fan will surely help for now to keep the air moving

The fan is operated by a small generator.  It will last about 15 hours before refueling

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