Friday, June 8, 2012

Aerating roughs and fairways.  These are not the latest and greatest aerators but they do a pretty decent job.  I would like to see more holes.  These hole are about 6-8 inches apart

Plugs from aerator

We use the greens aerators for the approaches and collars at the greens. This allows us to remove more plugs and create a better growing environment for the Bermuda.  This also helps control the compaction in these areas.

Number 8 tee after it was aerated

Our Mechanic Dale changing out some of the broken tines

This machine sweeps up the plugs.  It has a hydraulic lift to dump them out when the Hopper gets full

blowing the plugs off the fairways.  The next step will be to mow them. 

After we mowed the fairways we added 100lbs of ammonium sulfate per acre or roughly .5lb of nitrogen per 1000 square feet .  This will help the Bermuda grass finish off the transition from rye grass to a full Bermuda grass playing surface.

We are all glad that this week is over, it was a lot of hard work by the turf care staff.   Thanks to my guys for all the hard work this week!

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