Monday, May 21, 2012

Maintenance Practices

Topdressing greens with sand. This is a routine practice that we do to the greens.  Following a good topdressing programs will  aid with some of the follow; smoother and firmer playing surfaces, decomposes the thatch, Provides channels for air to move around the crown of the plant, which decreases disease activity. 

Topdressing completed on 12 green.  By the way Golf Course mechanics do not like this.  They will spend several hours at the end of the week grinding reels and bed knives to make sure the mowers are cutting perfect.  The sand will destroy the current reels that are on the mowers.

edging irrigation heads so they do not get lost

edging completed on this head

Fly mowing Bunker surrounds. WHAT? it is only May.  We have never had this much grass for this time of the year

String trimming Bermuda grass runners in the bunkers

Martin is mowing rough.  We have to mow twice a week now.  We do not usually mow twice a week until August.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fertilizing golf course

We are applying straight ammonium sulfate to the golf course.  This will eally get the Bermudagrass moving and help to speed up the transition of the fairways from rye grass to Bermudagrass
Applying 21-0-0 to all bermuda grass areas

Applying 21-0-0 fertilizer