Thursday, April 12, 2012

Landscape improvement behind #1 green

A few of the members have choose to donate funds to enhance the walk area from number One green to number two teeing area. Thank you to Keith Barcal, Kyle Woolfolk and Billy Stinson for their donations and their desire to improve this area behind number one green.  These plants are low maintenance and will provide three different color contrast through-out the year..
Walk path with low maintenance plant material added behind number one green.  This area had old azaleas that were worn out.  The ornamental bed has been filled with Liriope grass, Daylillies and Rhododendron.  We also added a few nice rocks for character

Jay is adding some mulch

William is placing some rocks in the bed for added character

Fill dirt and compost were added to the bedded area to provide better soil structure

This is the beds before.

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