Friday, January 20, 2012

Transplanting Ivy

The staff is transplanting Ivy from the clubhouse area to the hillside on #9.
The ivy will help with erosion and be a better solution than adding mulch or fescue

The hillside is completed with the ivy.  By summers end there should be a good
cover on the hillside

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Equipment Repairs By Dale

Our Mechanic Dale is rebuilding the transmission and clutch plate on one of our older
workman carts.  With Dale's experience we are able to save money on repairing major problems like these in-house.
Thanks Dale!

The Engine to the workman along with the starter. 

Staff correcting sand depths

Francisco is checking sand depths.  We want to have 4 inches on the bottom of the bunkers
and 2 inches of sand on the slopes.

 Shifting sand around

Removing sand from the floor of the bunker to the slopes  Overall the bunkers are not as bad as expected;
no new sand has been added to the bunkers.