Monday, November 21, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Painted Target greens for the winter

Painting the target greens for winter color

Target greens are zoysia grass.  The paint will last about 4 weeks

Wetlands and Drainage #7

Clearing wetlands #11

wetlands #11

Drainage at #7/ This will help the walk on area to the teeing area. This is mainly a problem during the winter and spring seasons

Adding 4 inch drainage pipe by 7 tee complex

Adding rock to cover the pipe.  This will prevent the pipe from getting clogged with dirt.  The gravel will also allow for faster penetration into the drainage pipe

Finished project.  The staff did a good job!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This week we have hired NUTECH SOILS company to come in and GPS map the course along with taking samples of the entire course.  After each sample is taken the bags are labeled with a GPS coordinate number.  Over 800 individual bags of soil are sent off for analysis.  Once the samples are tested the information will be returned to NUTECH soils technical department for programming. Once the information is download into the software it will allow nutec applicators to apply the nutrients we need in the deficit areas.  This system will allow for less waste of fertilizer, accurate nutrients to specific locations, along with saving money while at the same time create a better playing surface. This type of system has been used in the farming industry for over 20 years.  The golf market is starting to see the benefits of this type of service.  The high cost of fertilizer along with nutrient run off make this service more efficient for our needs at the foundry.
Claudio collecting soil samples

Soil Sampling Crew

More samples from 18 fairways

Marcus (owner of NUTEC SOILS,GPS mapping the course

Marcus is picking up samples and loading the GPS coordinates to them

Mapping the outlines of greens and fairways