Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Cut of Ryegrass

The Rye grass has come up nice with all the rain.  Now that the sun is out and cooler temperatures are on the way the rye grass should really begin to fill in.  The second application of 25-30lbs of rye will be completed next week.  This will not delay playability.  This is our normal program and has worked well for several years.  Fertilizer will be applied using a 25-0-0 (50% slow release and 50% quick release) during the next two weeks,
Francisco mowing approach at 18.  We are going to mow more of
the approaches with the walking mowers to help the Bermuda grass. I believe
the bigger fairway mowers cause more damage in these areas because of the extra turns they have to make. The tires continually dig into the ground causing repeat damage to the rye and the Bermuda grass.

Claudio mowing 16 approach

Number 5 fairways being mowed. First cut .825 inch

Number 2 fairway being mowed first cut

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