Thursday, July 21, 2011

Greens Update

The greens have done well overall during this heat. A turf sample was sent off to the North Carolina State Pathology Department on Monday. There were a few areas on some greens that were showing signs of disease activity. We have received the diagnoses and have sprayed according to the recommendations. During this heat wave we do not expect to see a big change in the stress areas. The application of fungicide should stop the disease from spreading. Our goal is to reduce stress in these isolated areas over the next week or two until a cooler spell of weather approaches. During cooler temperatures these areas will grow over.

The turf care staff is working very hard and delicately to provide the proper moisture to the bent grass putting surfaces so that the greens will play and be as healthy as possible during the next 60 days.  Hand watering high areas and dry spots is a 10-12 hour a day task,7 days a week during the summer months.  If you see the staff watering, feel free to say thank you for their hard work.  They sure do deserve it.

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