Thursday, July 28, 2011

Greens Fan on #4/disease update

Over the last three weeks we have seen some disease activity on the greens.  Samples were sent to the North Carolina State University Pathology Department for a better diagnoses.  They confirmed that there was alot of disease activity in the sample.  We were given recommendation to follow.  We have followed the recommendation for fungicide selections, raised the mowing heights, mowing every other day, Syringing as much as needed to cool the plant during high temperatures, add a fan if possible for better air movement.  A second sample was sent out yesterday to see if any more disease activity was present.  I will post the news when it comes back

A big thanks goes to Mr. Stinson for getting the trencher, the permit to install the power pole and arranging the contractors to get power for the fan. 

The turf care staff will be handling these areas with "gentle hands".  We feel confident that we will over come the problem,  There will be some thinning areas but overall we will get through it.  Once the cooler weather returns (90 degrees and Below) we can push the grass harder to recover. 
#4 Green, gets a fan.  We have borrowed it from the green site at #6.  The number 6 green will need a replacement put back at that site next year.  #6 has done well so far this year.

William is trenching so power can be installed to the fan

Trench leading to transformer

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