Friday, June 10, 2011

Sod installation winter damage

Sod was laid behind 3,4,7,9,16, 17 greens along with some areas at the tee complexes.  Damage was from
winter cold, shade and traffic.  The heat has really came on strong over the last couple of weeks.  It is good for the Bermuda grass.  We see a lot of good Bermuda grass growth under the rye.  I would expect to be complete with transition from rye to Bermuda grass by months end.  The biggest areas of concern will be 8 approach, 9 tee, 10 white tee 10 front right fairway and 11 tee.  These were all the areas that were sodded last year.  The strongest areas on the course are where the Bermuda grass has been down for three years.  The areas we have to keep sodding have problems every spring because the root structure is not mature going into the winter Therefore it does not survive the winter. If we allow some of the thin areas to mature we will have stronger Bermuda grass

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