Thursday, May 12, 2011

Member-Guest 2011 Course Information

Foundry Golf Club
May 12-May 14, 2011

Course Characteristics

Primary Grass                                                      Height of Turf

Greens  A1/A4 Bent grass                                     110 with grooved rollers
Tees  Celebration Bermuda/Over seeded with rye       550 walk mowers
Fairways  Celebration Bermuda/Over seeded with rye        650
Fescue  RTF turf type/Aurora Gold Fine fescue               3.5 Inches
Collars A1/A4 Bent grass                                               200

Course statistics

Average tee size: 1500 square feet

Tournament Stimpmeter: 12 ft.

Average green size: 5900

Soil conditions: clay

Rounds per year: 8500

Green construction soil mix:

USGA (85% sand; 15% peat)

Acres of fairway: 30

Source of water:

Surface, run-off

Acres of rough: 50 Bermuda grass 20 Acres of fine and turf type fescue

Sand bunkers: 51

Water hazards: 4

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