Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

Today we applied fertilizer with an anylasis of 32-8-5 at the rate of 200lbs of product per acre.  This will give the Bermuda grass the push it needs during the transition from rye grass to bermuda playing surcfaces.  The last few days have been extremely hot for late May.  This will be good for the Bermuda grass ad will also help weaken the rye grass. The rye grass being stressed by hot tempertures is a good thing.  As long as it does not dye this early.  we usually see the rye grass die out towards the end of the month.  If the trend stays true I feel optomistic that we will have good recovery of the Bermuda grass.  The biggest concerns are where the sod was installed during last years winterkill.  These area have not developed strong root systems like the majority of the golc course.  These areas maybe slower to cover of need some extra care.  We will not truely know until transition is complete.  Overall I believe we will be fine.

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